June 10th 2017

Gianyar, 10 June 2017 – The annual commemoration of World Environment Day took place at the Bali Safari and Marine Park in Gianyar, Bali on Saturday, June 10, 2017. Officially themed “connecting with nature,” the Park’s educational team used the occasion to host activities designed to enhance the understanding and appreciation of the world’s delicate natural environment.


To help spread the word, residents of the Eben Haezer Orphanage were invited to the Park to enjoy a fun day out while learning valuable lessons regarding conservation, Interacting with environment, appreciating the beauty of the nature and mobilizing to protect the earth – these were just some of the important lessons shared with the visiting orphans.


Reflecting the commitment, vision and mission of the Bali Safari & Marine Park to protect the world’s environment, the award-winning leader in education and conservation activities on the Island of Bali, always seeks to involve the younger generation in all its activities. Every event is devised to share in an enjoyable fashion valuable environmental information.


What’s more, the Bali Safari educational team invited the young visitors to make a lasting commitment to the environment by posting a promise to the Park’s Pledge Tree. Each child was encouraged to record in writing specific commitments or wishes they harbor for the planet and attach their message to the World Environment Day Pledge Tree.


All the day’s activities were presented to persuade the children and other Park visitors to share a deeper concern for environmental preservation. As the coming generation, children are destined to play an important role in creating a sustainable planet. By instilling an awareness and love for the natural environment at an early age, the children can grow into adults capable of becoming better stewards of the planet.


Ketut Suardana, operational manager of the Bali Safari & Marine Park, added: “As a body concerned with the conservation of wild animals, the preservation of the environment is one of our top priorities. The earth is not simply a place made for human habitation, but also the home for all living things. By celebrating World Environment Day we hope that the both the people of Bali and the citizens of the world will come to understand the importance of protecting the natural world for generations to come. We can start to achieve this in simple ways, such as keeping our living environment clean and wisely using natural resources in a responsible manner.”