June 24th 2017

Gianyar, 24 Juni 2017 - The Melaspas ceremony was conducted to purify new the new Bali Myna Aviary Exhibit that will open to the public in the near future. The purification ceremony held near the Park’s iconic Ganesha Statue was led by a local religious leader and attended by the employees and an assortment of animals living at the Park. Among the animals attending the blessing ceremony were a Sumatran elephant, a pair of macaws, an orangutan, binturong, pony, and snakes.


The new Bali Myna Aviary Exhibit has been added to the park to introduce the public to a number of endemic bird specials found in Bali, including the highly threatened Bali Starling.


Ketut Suardana, operations manager of the Bali Safari and Marine Park commented: “In the teachings of the Hindu religion, we are required to live in harmony with nature, the entire animal kingdom, and our fellow human being. Mankind wants to live in harmony with nature, including all plants and animals. Bali Safari and Marine Park, as an agent for conservation and education, wholeheartedly supports these principles. Through the purification ceremony and tumpek kandang observances, we praise the Almighty and pray for the safety and health of our animals."